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Featuring live footage from 4 locations, this masterful compilation contains over an hour of Rod’s most requested comedic material with jokes such as:

Animals in Black and White; Worship or Warfare?; Funerals, Lazarus & the Unexpected Resurrection; Colors of the Bible; So You Think You Can Sing?; It’s Woopin’ Time; Get Me Off This Plane!; and more!

AND BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND… “Deacon Make It Up” Strikes Again & Amazing Grace & Denominations…The REMIX

In this highly anticipated Live DVD Rod Allison, accompanied by a full band and background singers, takes the audience on a non-stop journey comical with jokes such as: Growing Up Po'; Black Band/White Band...March On; Survival Guide for Husbands; the classic Michael Jackson Impersonation; and the return of Rod's most requested character, Jr. Jackson and the Blazin' Firecrackers and the hilarious quartet hit Chicken & Waffles!

Live Singing/Trumpet Performances of Rod's (2) Latest Singles: "Let Go" & "I Don't Want to Be Apart"


Order both " I'm Laughin' in the Rain" and "Rod of God Comedy Live...Laughter Is Legal", featuring well over (2) Hours of comedy for only: